Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ten children in the favela of Nova Holanda, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, were given cameras during human rights workshops. They introduce us to their families, their communities, show us how they play, learn and celebrate– all filmed with a charm and casualness despite the harsh reality of favela life. We meet the characters that make up their everyday world – from the mailman, to store owners, people on doorsteps and a small boxing gym that creates a safe place for children in the community: Luta Pela Paz.

Luta Pela Paz, which translates into ‘Fight for Peace’, is an after school program that aims to provide a safe place for youth to seek out new paths in life and alternatives to the drug trade. Luta Pela Paz also acts as a nodal point between the informal and the formal city and opens up conceptual paths and provides new possibilities for youth to break down historical barriers between their favela community and the formal city that surrounds them.

The edges and borders between the different districts of Maré, although not visible, are intrinsically obvious for the children that grow up here. Their lives may be threatened if they walk into the wrong neighborhood just a few blocks from where they live and they are often subject to discrimination and violence outside of their favela communities.


Producers   Alejandro Alvarez, Christoffer Næss, Joel Malebranche , Nadia Claudi Pedersen.

Associate Producers  Fabio Cascardo and Teresa Labrunie



PUC University, The New School and Luta Pela Paz.

Special thanks to Peter Lucas.