Kabul, Afghanistan

  • The Kabul Cards, Prologue
  • We are just four young women having fun
  • Things are OK, but I am only earning my daily bread
  • If we are not standing side by side, our country will never get better
  • We can\'t even recognize Allah without education
  • I don\'t think I have anything more important in my life than music

The Kabul Cards

Afghanistan is usually represented in the media through the lens of war and devastation. And it’s true that fighting is affecting every parts of the society, but there is also a rich civilian life that rarely is presented in international media.

Above is a series of mini-documentaries made by a group of youth in Kabul. Nargis, one of the participants explains: “I started working with cameras a couple of months ago and it was a great experience. I found it to be a great tool for bringing a change to our society with showing people the realities and problems that are not considered as problems in my country.”

The Kabul Cards project is made in cooperation with Anders Sømme Hammer and Afghanistanbloggen.

Six films, especially edited for the exhibition, was exhibited at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway from February – September 2012.  Sahar, Sadaf and Nargis filmed the responses the Kabul Cards got at The Nobel Peace Center in Oslo and at the 2012 India Tour:



Producers   Christoffer Næss and Anders Sømme Hammer