Birar, India

Ten  youth from Birar, Rajasthan, India participated in 15 video documentary workshops in which they watched video letters from Rio de Janeiro and the South Bronx, learned filming techniques, and enthusiastically went out into their community to film a response.  What started as a playful assignment turned into a visually powerful short documentary about life in rural India, water rights, and community advocacy. 

GVL went to a rural village in India in the fall 2010. After visiting many villages, educators and facilitators Maria Flores and Christoffer Næss, were introduced to a Meo Muslim community in Rajasthan, called Birar. A Meo Muslim community is a culture that follows both Islam and Hinduism. After being warmly welcomed by the community leader, Mr Gordhan Singh, GVL decided – in partnership with the NGO “Society for All Round Development” – to conduct Video Letter workshops.

Producers   Christoffer Næss and Maria Flores

Special thanks to   Society for Allround Development and Brij Bihari with family

Watch the trailer of the film underneath. Edited by Flannery Miller, Music by Xitanos.