Who we are

Christoffer Næss (Oslo, Norway)

Christoffer is dedicated to the usage of video documentary workshops in order to self-express and self-evaluate for people in oppressed – as well as in privileged situations. He believes this will connect audience and subject in a way not before experienced in other types of documentaries. He has working experience from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, The South Bronx – USA, Birar- India, Kabul – Afghanistan and Oslo, Norway.

He is also running Munin Film (www.facebook.com/MuninFilm) a film production company that focuses on participatory documentaries.

His recent film, Magnus – A Spring Day, an intimate journey through heroin addiction, was awarded for Best Short Film at the Amanda Awards, 2013.

Contact:  christoffernass@gmail.com


Flannery Miller (New York, USA)

Flannery is an educator, advocate and artist committed to using visual storytelling to promote human rights and social justice.   Her focus on human rights education began in Oakland, CA as the program director at the Intertribal Friendship House where she developed educational initiatives focused on advocacy and cultural preservation of native culture.  She holds a BA in Social Welfare from the University of California, Berkeley, a certificate in Human Rights & Transitional Justice Education from University of Minnesota, and a MA in International Affairs and Media from The New School University.  She is currently the Director of Human Rights Education at Skylight Pictures in New York, a documentary film company dedicated to creating films about human rights and social justice.

With Global Video Letters, she helped to organize, teach, and coordinate the workshops in the Bronx, New York and Oaxaca, Mexico.  She also facilitated two participatory media projects in Rio de Janeiro:   human rights and photography workshops in Nova Holanda, and a multi-media media advocacy and music for justice workshop in Bangu.

Contact: neriia@gmail.com